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Key Cabinets Direct's business idea is simple. We offer a wide range of key cabinets, Key lockers and home safes online  with very competitive prices. With our extensive stock levels you will find yourself an excellent partner for your Security Key Cabinet needs.

Our best selling key cabinets, lockers and safes  include Key Cabinets, Key Storage Safes and Home Safes. Most models can be locked by key, electronic digital combination or mechanical dial combination. Our best selling model is the KCD_S2100 Key Cabinet suitable for storing up to 100 keys.

New Arrivals :

1170 Key Cabinet
KCD_S1170 : 1170 Key Cabinet

Available in 1.0mm Solid Steel Structure. Capacity to store up to 1170 keys. Dimensions : Body Size : 550x730x80mm. Net Weight : 56kgs.

Price: 800.00    More information here >>

60 Key Cabinet
KCD_S0047G : 60 Key Cabinet

new key cabinet 2Available in 0.8mm Solid Steel Structure. Capacity to store up to 60 keys. Dimensions : Body Size : 370x280x80mm. Net Weight : 17.5kgs.

Price: 33.00    More information here >>

100 Key Cabinet
KCD_S2100 : 100 Key Cabinet

new key cabinet 3Available in 0.8mm Solid Steel Structure. Capacity to store up to 100 keys. Dimensions : Body Size : 150x120x40mm. Net Weight : 25kgs.

Price: 144.00    More information here >>

About Key Cabinets Direct :

Buy key cabinets and key boxes online at the largest independent seller of key cabinets in the UK for home or office use. We specialise in many different types of key cabinets from small key safes designed to be used outdoors, suitable for storing only two or three keys to large commercial key cabinets with a capacity to store over 1100 keys.  As with all our cabinets security locking is standard.

Our vast range includes High Security Key Cabinets which are designed and built in the same way as a security safe and include insurance approval. With over 50 different key cabinets to choose from rest assured that you will find the best deal for Key Cabinets online in the UK

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